Celtic Knots Design Set

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With this design set you will receive:
– 6 Celtic knots – silver
– 6 Celtic knots – gold
– 6 Celtic knots – floral/silver
– 6 Celtic knots – floral/gold
– 2 Tree of Life
*Mockup graphics are not included and are for display purposes only.


Introducing Beautiful Celtic Knot Clip Art

If you’re looking to add an elegant, timeless touch to your creative projects, our new set of high-quality Celtic knot illustrations is just what you need. These intricate designs, rich in history and meaning, are a perfect way to elevate everything from stationery and blog graphics to art pieces and more.

 Celtic Knots: A Symbol of Ancient Artistry  

Celtic knots have adorned manuscripts, stonework, and metalwork for over a millennium. Originating among the ancient Celtic peoples of Western Europe, these magnificent knotted patterns are deeply symbolic, representing concepts like eternity, interconnectedness, and perseverance. Our illustrations pay homage to this iconic art form in eye-catching style.

 Three Luxurious Options to Suit Any Project

Our celtic knot illustration pack offers three gorgeous variants to complement any creative vision:

Celtic Knots in Silver: Sleek and modern with a touch of precious metal sheen, these silver knots make a bold statement.

Celtic Knots in Gold: Radiant golden knots evoke a warm, regal, almost ethereal quality perfect for adding luxury.

Celtic Knots Floral: For an ornate, romantic aesthetic, our floral knots interweave blooming vines and foliage into the iconic Celtic patterns.  

 High Resolution PNG for Optimal Quality

No matter which style you choose, these illustrations come as crisp, high resolution PNG files ideal for both digital and print applications. The transparent backgrounds allow seamless integration over any canvas.

 Endless Creative Uses

From wedding stationery  to logos, blog posts, art prints and beyond, the possibilities are infinite with these versatile celtic knot graphics. Incorporate an ageless symbol of strength and beauty into:

– Wedding/event branding & décor

– Blog post graphics & social media  

– Apparel, merchandise & product design 

– Art pieces, prints & décor items

– Logos, watermarks & branding elements

Add To Cart – $12.00